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By now, we’re sure most of you know the basics for dealing with the app icons on your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen: tap and hold an icon to engage edit mode, then drag to rearrange or tap the ‘x’ to delete. Drag two icons together to create a folder. But there are plenty more techniques available to help you efficiently and quickly reorganize the apps on your Home screen.

Thankfully, 9to5Mac has created a handy tutorial video showcasing a whole bunch of ways you can interact with apps on your device. It covers both the basics and more advanced techniques, and although most of these tricks are covered in the Tips section of our app, it’s worth a watch if you’re a visual learner looking to get to grips with moving your apps. It’s also worth a look even if you think you know it all – chances are there will be something in here you didn’t know before.

For example, picking up an app with one finger while tapping more with another will allow you to move multiple apps at once, and swiping while holding an app allows you to rapidly scroll through multiple Home screens. It certainly inspired us to tidy up our own app icons! Check out the full video below.