Whether you’re team Apple Music or team Spotify, you probably have friends and family who use a different streaming service than you. This can make it difficult to share music with one another, which is a bummer if you’ve put a lot of effort into a custom playlist.

Luckily, a new app called MusicMatch is here to solve this very specific problem. It allows users open Spotify playlists in Apple Music, and vice versa.

We’ve written before about SongShift, an app for porting all your existing playlists between services. This works great if you’re moving to another service, but it won’t work unless you have accounts with both apps, and it doesn’t help you share stuff with others.

With MusicMatch, all you have to do is copy and paste a music link into the app. It will automatically read the contents of the playlist and build you a matching one on-the-fly for your preferred music app. Problem solved!

There’s even a Safari extension which means you can tap music links you find online and be taken instantly to your preferred app. No need to manually copy and paste or even open MusicMatch at all!

Admittedly this app solves a relatively small first-world problem, but we think it’s an issue many readers will be familiar with – and MusicMatch offers a very elegant solution. It’s a free download, so now you’ve got no excuse not to craft custom mixtapes for everyone you know – regardless of their streaming allegiances.