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Apple Music Voice: here’s what you need to know

Folks with an iOS or iPadOS device can now access Apple Music for a reduced $5/£5 monthly fee – but there’s a catch: you can only interact with the service using Siri. The plan – aptly called Apple Music Voice – could be perfect for you. Let’s dig a little deeper and look at exactly what the new low-tier option offers.

What is it?

Apple Music Voice allows users to access the entire Apple Music catalog of over 70 million songs using Siri. This means that instead of searching for content in the Music app, users will be searching for artists, albums, playlists, and more using their voice. It’s perfect for CarPlay and HomePod, where users might prefer a more hands-free experience – if those are your primary use cases for Apple Music, switching to the Voice plan could save you money.

Apple Music Voice.

There are a few things missing from Apple Music Voice though. This includes lyrics and music videos – obviously – plus spatial audio and lossless audio. Additionally, because it requires Siri, Apple Music Voice is only available on Apple devices. No Androids or smart TVs here.

How do I use it?

Using Apple Music Voice couldn’t be easier. Like we said, everything is powered by Siri – so to play a song, simply ask Siri to find an album, artist, or playlist. “Hey Siri, play music by Bruce Springsteen” or “Hey Siri, play the top songs by Taylor Swift” should get you started. Apple’s editors produces a huge wave of new playlists for various activities and moods with the launch of this plan, so requests like “play dinner party music” or “play something relaxing” should do the trick too.

Don’t forget that you can send smarter requests to Siri, too. You can ask for the top songs of the year to play, or ambient music from the 1980s – try being specific with your requests, and you’ll be surprised at what Siri can cope with!

So how do I sign-up?

To access the Voice Plan, you’ll need iOS 15.2 or iPadOS 15.2 installed on your device. Then, it’s simply a case of asking Siri to sign you up! If you’re new to Apple Music and don’t already subscribe to the service, you can start a free seven-day trial by saying: “Hey Siri, start Apple Music Voice.” It’s also possible to subscribe by tapping the Voice Plan option in the Music app.

Choose wisely.

After your seven-day trial, the Apple Music Voice Plan will set you back $5/£5 a month, which is effectively half the price of the regular tier. It is a great solution for folks looking for a hands-free Apple Music experience – although for a more comprehensive listening experience, coughing-up for an Apple Music Individual Plan may be a smarter choice.