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Apple Notes Website – make a free site in minutes with Montaigne

If you think that creating a website from scratch is a challenging, technical, expensive procedure that’s best done with professional help, think again.

It’s quite possible to create a basic but perfectly functional website from the comfort of your iPhone within a minute or two. What’s more, it won’t cost you a cent. Here’s how it’s done.

Head to Montaigne

Follow this link to head to Montaigne, a handy tool that lets you set up a website or blog using nothing but Apple’s Notes app on your iPhone.

Tap the Sign up link, then hit the Sign in with Apple button. Chose to share or hide your email and authenticate.

Create site

Tap Create Site, then enter a site name. Note that this will be created as ‘’. Hit Create new site.

Create Apple Notes folder

Exit to the home screen and open up Notes. Create a new folder (the bottom-left icon) with the same name as your newly created website ( Hit Done.

Tap to enter the new folder, then hit the Share button at the top. Hit Copy Link.

Important note: in iOS 16, the Notes share sheet has been redesigned and you might find the instructions above don’t quite work for you. If that’s the case, instead share via Messages or Mail and send the link to yourself. You can then copy and paste the URL manually, ready for the next step.

Jump back into the Montaigne webpage and paste the copied link into the field at the bottom. Tap Save.

Add content

Now, simply head back to Notes and add whatever you like to the folder. Those notes will be posted live to your website within minutes.

This can include formatted text, images, links – whatever you can do within Apple Notes will be presented faithfully on that URL you created at the outset. It’s simple, but effective.