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Apple Pay: how to set up secure payments for use online and in person

Apple Pay was first launched in 2014 and has grown massively since then. More than a third of US merchants accept payments from the service, and its a super quick and secure way to pay for things without handling cash. If you’re not using it yet, Apple Pay is easy to set up and use. Here’s how.

Note: you’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer for contactless payments in person. Online transactions can be done using any device with Touch ID, including iPads.

Register a card

Open the Wallet app from your Home screen – it’s one of the apps that come pre-installed with iOS. Press Add Credit or Debit Card, or if you already have one set up and want another, press the + button.

Follow the instructions to add your card details. If you’re adding a new card, you can point the device camera at it to automatically scan the card and save you typing in the long numbers. If you already have a card registered with iTunes, you’ll just be asked to confirm the security details to authorize it for Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay in person

To pay for a transaction with Apple Pay at a supported merchant, all you need to do is put your iPhone near the contactless reader and a picture of your payment card will appear on the screen. This happens automatically thanks to the NFC (near field communication) technology used in the terminal. Simply rest your finger on the Home button to authenticate the payment with Touch ID.

If you have multiple cards registered, you can tap and swipe to select a different one before authenticating with Touch ID.

Using Apple Pay online

This part is even easier, and it can be done on an iPad with Touch ID too. If an app or website supports Apple Pay, you’ll see a Buy with Pay button at the checkout stage. Tap this, then confirm the payment details are correct and authenticate the transaction with Touch ID by touching the Home button.

Remove a card

To remove a payment option, open Wallet and tap the card. Press the i button in the bottom right and then scroll down and tap Remove Card.