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Ask an expert: correcting mirrored video

No time to drop into the Apple Store and ask the Genius Bar for help with your iPhone or iPad? Maybe one of our resident experts can help!

As Apple nerds, we get asked a lot of tech support questions — and some of those questions crop up time and time again. Here’s a recent query that we think will be familiar to many of you.

“I want to read a book for my kids on video. But the words on the page are back to front! Is it possible to mirror the footage?”

An interesting problem. Depending on your settings, you may well find that photos and videos shot with the front-facing camera are the “wrong” way around. It certainly looks that way in the viewfinder preview! Here’s how it works for a few common scenarios…

On a live FaceTime call, the view of yourself that you can see looks mirrored. There’s no button to change this, but don’t worry – the other participants of the video call will see everything the right away around.

In the Camera app, the front camera view is similarly mirrored so it looks natural to you when filming. But by default, this too will be flipped when saved to your camera roll. If that’s not happening, you may have Mirror Front Camera toggled on in the Camera section of Settings. Turn it off.

If you’re looking through the Photos app and find an existing video you want to flip over, this is easily done. From iOS 13 onwards, videos can be edited in exactly the same way as photos: hit the Edit button, then the Crop icon on the bottom bar, and then the Flip Horizontal button in the top left-hand corner.


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