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Auto-Brightness: stop your display automatically dimming

Auto-Brightness is a useful feature that checks the ambient light in the room and tries to change the intensity of the display to match. This is designed to make the screen only as bright as you need it, both to avoid straining your eyes and avoid wasting battery.

However, there are times where this feature doesn’t quite hit the mark, and you may find it annoying not to have total control over your device brightness.

Control Center is the quickest way to adjust brightness

Though you can manually change the brightness at any time, if you want to stop your screen from every automatically dimming, you’ll need to turn off Auto-Brightness.

This used to be a pretty easy task, but with iOS 11, Apple decided to make Auto-Brightness a default option and hide the ability to turn it off deep within the Settings app. Luckily, we’re here to tell you where to find it!

Open Settings, choose General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations. You’ll then, finally, find the toggle to switch off Auto-Brightness for good.

Remember, you can easily adjust the screen brightness from Control Center, or dive into SettingsDisplay & Brightness for more control.