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Back to school: Choosing the right education app for you

Our iPhones and iPads aren’t just for fun – they’re great learning devices, too. And thanks to the App Store, there are plenty of apps and services for learning cool, new things. Here, we breakdown some of the best education apps out there so you can pick the perfect one.


Best for creative pursuits 

Skillshare is a great option for those looking to undertake creative study. It offers a huge range of well-crafted classes which cover everything from photography to illustration. Skillshare also offers a personal touch whereby teachers provide feedback to the students in their virtual classes – so after painting your first landscape, be sure to upload it to hear what your teacher thinks!


Skillshare is free to use for 30 days before costing $13/£13 per month. Apps are available for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.


Best all-in-one premium offering 

Masterclass is the big daddy of online education services. It offers more than 100 classes taught by big-name teachers like Jeff Koons and Salman Rushdie. The production value on the Masterclass classes is second to none: aside from well-put-together videos that are entertaining and engaging, you also get a PDF workbook for each class you sign-up for. If you want Gordon Ramsay to teach you how to cook, look no further.


While Masterclass isn’t overly pricey, you do have to pay up-front. It costs $180/£170 for an annual pass (which works out at $15/ £14 per month). It’s also worth noting that Masterclass does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love the annual membership. Make sure to read our full article about MasterClass for more details!


Best for wannabe coders 

Udemy offers some 130,000 online video courses which you can access on a pay-as-you-go basis. The focus here is on computer science, with Udemy’s courses covering the complexities of Python, Web development, and JavaScript. Courses are interactive, including on-demand video and articles alongside exercises for students to complete. There’s the option to gain certification, too, through tackling courses focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you feel that there’s a coder hidden somewhere inside you, Udemy is the place to start.


Courses are priced individually, with most costing less than $15/£15. Udemy is available for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

Khan Academy

Best free option 

Khan Academy is the place to go for free online lessons. Courses are huge, and run all the way from pre-kindergarten math to college-level science. While Khan’s focus is on math and science, they’re gradually expanding the catalog to include units on reading, art history, and social and emotional skills (via Khan Academy Kids). Khan Academy is a fantastic and valuable resource – especially during the current period of school closures and remote learning.

Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is available for iOS and iPadOS, and it’s entirely free to use. It might not have the range or polish of some of the other services included in this list, but you can’t knock the price.