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If you have an iPhone 11 or later (any variation) you may have heard of a feature in the Camera called Capture Outside the Frame.

This feature makes the Camera capture a little more than you can see in the viewfinder. This allows users to re-crop their photos after the event even outside the bounds of the original composition. This can really come in handy when you don’t have time to capture the ideal shot at the time, or if you accidentally lose an important element just off the edge of the frame.

Most people are used to cropping in their photos after the fact, but Capture Outside the Frame actually allows you to crop out.

It’s a cool feature, but it doesn’t work in conjunction with Apple’s Deep Fusion computational photography, meaning you could miss out on superfine details when shooting. There’s also the fact that automatically snapping more than you can see in the frame could potentially cause some privacy issues. Apple doesn’t want people accidentally photographing confidential paperwork by mistake – or worse, a shot that shows more of your body than you bargained for!

Just a normal photo captured with the 1x camera…

…but hit the Crop button and you’ll reveal even more. Who left that there?!

As such, Capture Outside the Frame is disabled by default.

However, if you like the sound of the feature, it’s easy enough to switch on. Head to the Camera section of Settings and find the Composition heading. Here you can toggle on Capture Outside the Frame for Photos and Videos as you see fit. Note that although Photos is toggled off by default, Videos is on from the beginning – so be sure to switch it off if you’re not comfortable with it.

Once you’ve captured a photo or video, open it in Photos, tap Edit and then the Crop button. From here you can pinch to zoom out and reveal a much wider shot!