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Carbon Footprint – how to track and cut your emissions

If you’re looking to better understand and offset your carbon footprint, eevie – your climate guide is the perfect app. This free, all-in-one app lets users monitor and track their own personal carbon emissions while supporting tree-planting offsetting projects around the world.


When you first launch eevie, the free app takes you through a handful of questions to determine what your carbon footprint is. It does this across four domains: home, travel, food, and goods. After answering a few quick questions, the app uses its own algorithms to figure out your combined annual emissions.

Eevie encourages users to form carbon-reducing habits. In the Profile tab, you can scroll down to browse through some of the habits you could begin to form – like Switch Off Lights in the Home area of eevie, or Go Package Free in the Goods pane. Here, it’s also possible to fine-tune aspects of your carbon footprint – for instance, in the Home tab, you can tweak the size of your house, the type of house, and whether or not any of your energy is provided from renewable sources.


In the Progress tab, users can “complete” different habits and check on their progress towards becoming a greener, more environmentally conscious individual. And in the Journey tab next door, it’s possible to see the direct impact which your lifestyle changes are having on the planet.

After calculating an accurate picture of your personal carbon footprint, eevie lets you offset your emissions through supporting tree-planting projects. The app does this by letting you purchase “seedlings” in the app. You can see how many trees are required to offset your personal emissions on a yearly basis, and how much this will cost.


Finally, the Community tab lets you share your eco-efforts with a wider group of friends. You get a seedling free for each friend you invite, and you can join in social challenges to make the biggest impact possible.

Eevie – your climate guide can be yours free of charge. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to live a greener, more environmentally friendly life.