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How to change the Lock Screen quick action buttons | iOS 18 Guide

Huge news, everybody. It’s the change we’ve all been waiting for. We are no longer beholden to Apple’s whims.

That’s right, you can now swap out the flashlight and camera buttons on your Lock Screen for something of your own choosing. Huzzah!

I mean, I’ll probably still use those shortcuts for the flashlight and camera, because they’re so ingrained in muscle memory and I use them a lot. But it’s nice to have the choice, right?

Note: This guide previews upcoming features. iOS 18 is due for release September 2024, with a public beta in July.

Changing Lock Screen controls

To start, unlock your iPhone and long-press on a blank area of the Lock Screen to enter the quick switcher interface. Hit Customize, then select the Lock Screen option. Here, you will find minus (-) buttons on the existing controls, which by default are Flashlight and Camera. Tap the minus button to remove one or both of them.

Next – you guessed it– press the plus button to browse all the available controls. You’ll find mini versions of most – but not all – of the Control Center options; over 60 in all. Tap any one of them to slot it in place on the Lock Screen, then press Done to commit the change and exit customization mode.

Remember that no matter what you choose, Lock Screen buttons are triggered with a long-press. Standard taps do nothing, to lessen the chance of accidental activations!

More uses for the Action button

If you have a compatible device (iPhone 15 Pro and newer) you can also set the Action button on the side of your device to trigger one of these controls, effectively giving you three slots for quick access.

To customize the Action button, open the Settings app and scroll down to the Action Button option. Here, you can swipe between different available actions to choose one. Choose Controls and then Choose a Control to browse the same options available on the Lock Screen.