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ComiXology – how to dive into digital comics

From spandex-clad superheroes to gritty noir thrillers, comics have something for everyone

Comics are far more than just superheroes punching each other. Modern comics come from a wide range of publishers, who release varied fare to satisfy all tastes.

And with digital, comics have never been more accessible. Here, we’ll show you how to use Comixology to get started with comics on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Get the app

Comixology is owned by Amazon. Install Comixology on your device, and sign in with your Amazon account (assuming you have one — if not, get one first).


2. Grab some comics

Select Free Comics from the drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen. Tap the Download button on anything you like the look of. You can immediately tap Read to open a downloaded comic, or select a volume from the My Books tab.

3. Read your comic

By default, comics open in full-screen, maximizing available space. Tap the sides of the screen to navigate through the comic. By default, guided view is active on iPhone for many titles; this displays individual panels rather than whole pages – a great help on a small screen.

4. Fine-tune the app

Tap the center of the screen to view the toolbar. GV toggles guided view. To its left is a button to view page thumbnails. The cog icon opens an options panel, where you can disable page transitions, and adjust how Comixology behaves in landscape mode. (With Fit to Width off on iPad, you’ll get double-page spreads in landscape.)

5. Discover new comics

Close the current comic and select the Discover view to peruse Comixology’s catalog. On your device, you can add items to a wish list, but to purchase them you’ll need to use the Comixology website in Safari.

6. Use alternate readers

On the Comixology website, look out for titles that have a download icon on the same line that shows the language, age recommendation, and HD. With those titles, you can from My Books download CBZ and PDF copies from the Backups tab, and read them in an app of your choosing (rather than just in Comixology), such as Chunky Comic Reader for iPad, or an alternate app on your PC, Mac, or Android device.