Want to make the weather? This is the next best thing

CARROT Weather 5.0 is our favorite weather app on iPhone and iPad. Much of this is down to its customizable interface, which can be reworked to suit your needs.

We cover the basics below. Note that to use this aspect of CARROT Weather, you need a premium subscription; but you can also try out CARROT Weather’s customization for nothing by using the 7-day free trial.

Access Interface Maker

Tap the Settings button (cog icon) and select Customization. Next, tap + to create a new preset, name it and tap Save. Then tap Interface Maker to see your preset’s structure.

Arrange your interface

Tap the arrange button (in the top toolbar, next to the share button) to view Quick Arrange, which allows you to rapidly reorder your preset’s components and add new ones.

Components are mostly self-explanatory, bar ‘cards’. These are small areas that surface useful data at specific times of day or when certain conditions are met.

Fine-tune components

Back in the Interface Maker screen, use the green plus buttons to add new components and the purple buttons to adjust the space between them. To update a component’s data or presentation, tap Options and adjust its settings accordingly.

When back in the Customization screen, further settings define which interface components are visible when your preset is active. Tap Save to store your changes and load a preview of your preset. Set will have CARROT Weather switch to it.

Edit a preset

Rather than start from scratch, you can instead opt to fine-tune an existing preset. For example, choose Odin and tap Set to switch to it. Back in the Settings, head into the Interface Maker, select Options under Current Observations and set Style to Plain. Save your changes. Odin will now have a visually simpler current observations section without any background imagery.

If you later want to get the original Odin preset settings back, scroll to Odin in the Presets pane, tap its button and choose Revert Changes from the pop-up menu.