Did you know Apple’s native apps now play nice with animated GIFs? The moving pictures we all love can be saved and shared right from an iPhone or iPad, without losing any of their charm. Find out how to deal with GIFs and start bugging your friends with them today!

Saving them

You’ll find GIFs all over the Web. Saving them is straightforward enough. Just remember: treat them like a normal image, and you’ll be fine. That means holding your finger down on the GIF until a pop-up menu appears – choosing Save Image will send the GIF over to the Photos app, where you can view it as often as you like.

Just like regular images, GIFs can be saved to your iPhone’s Photos app.

In days of old, GIFs saved to the Photos app wouldn’t play their animations, appearing as low-quality static images instead – but that’s no longer the case. Instead, opening GIFs from your library (which you can do by simply tapping on the GIF from inside the Photos app) will bring the file to life right before your eyes. It’ll automatically loop ad infinitum.

Sharing them

GIFs can be added to iMessages and emails easily enough. In Messages, tap the camera icon and locate your GIF – then tap the GIF and it’ll be added to the message field. Best of all, it’ll begin to animate in the message thread, both on your iPhone and on your friend’s!

A similar method works for Mail. Here, tap the screen to bring up the cut-and-paste pop-up menu, and select Insert Photo or Video. Then navigate to your GIF, tap it, and it’ll be added right into your message. It’s as easy as that!

Find the GIF using the Messages app’s camera icon and add it into the thread!

Adding a GIF into an email is simple enough: just use the “Insert Picture or Video” route.

Pro GIF tips

There are times when a GIF really does say it all. Instead of scouring the Web, saving GIFs, and importing them into the Messages app, consider using the #images iMessages app to search for GIFs and seamlessly add them to your message threads. It’s a great resource and will definitely save you time.

Happy GIF-ing!

The #images iMessage app is full to the brim with brilliant GIFs.