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Top quality photography used to require expensive cameras and extensive technical knowledge, but these days anyone with an iPhone or iPad can have a crack at the big time. You only have to browse the #shotoniphone tag on Instagram to find millions of amazing photos – which is exactly what Apple itself has been doing this week.

Apple has published its favorites from photographers around the globe as part of its ongoing Shot on iPhone campaign, in particular highlighting the Depth Control functions available on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Each of the six photos picked was shot using Portrait mode on one of these new devices, taking advantage of the “new Depth Control feature that makes it possible to adjust the depth of field to create photos with a sophisticated bokeh effect.”

Sadly older devices can’t use these effects, but if you like the sound of adjusting the focal depth of an image to get that perfect level of background blur, rest assured that this feature looks like it’s here to stay. Apple says an upcoming iOS update will enable a live Depth Control preview in the viewfinder, “allowing photographers to change the amount of background blur before the shot is taken.”

We’ve included some of Apple’s favorite shots below for your viewing pleasure. You can see the full post here.

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