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How to edit and delete bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone

The iPhone’s Safari internet browser has a bookmarks feature that allows you to store websites within the app for quick access.

However, the capability was expanded for iOS 7 and a new Favorites view has been added – it appears when you open a new page. However, it’s not particularly clear how to control this feature, or how to remove items from the view, so to help, here’s our guide to editing and deleting bookmarks in Safari.

1. Finding Bookmarks

Open up Safari and tap the bookmark  icon. This will show your bookmarks and any folders that you may have created. If you want to remove any sites from this default list tap Edit. Now tap the minus icon followed by Delete.

Remove bookmarks by tapping edit, then minus icon, then Delete

Remove bookmarks from the list

2. Favorites

On this same list you’ll see the Favorites option at the top. Tap this and you’ll see a list of pages that are visible when you open a new tab. This includes the Apple, and Disney homepages by default, among others.

To remove them, tap Edit again, followed by the minus icon, then Delete button.

Remove websites from the Favorites section

Remove websites from the Favorites section

3. Change location

If you don’t wish to delete the bookmark, and just want to move it to another location, you can. To do this, tap Edit and select the bookmark you wish to move. From here choose the Location option and tap on one of the available options. The saved site will then be moved to that area.

Move websites to another folder

Move websites to another folder

While choosing a new location you can also change the registered name of the website. Tap into the name at the top of the screen and edit using the keyboard.

4. Reorder

If you find that the Favorites page has become a bit crowded you may want to rearrange it to make sure the sites are easier to tap. Open a new tab by tapping the icon then the + option. Now tap and hold any of the site’s icons until it starts to float. You can now drag it into position and let go. The other sites will automatically shuffle to make room.

Move your Favorites around

Move your Favorites around

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