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Edit your video

Edit your videos on the iPhone

Recording videos on your iPhone is great when you want to capture fleeting moments with more than a static image. However, you may need to go back later and cut out sections of the video if there was any blur, or shaking.

To do this, open up Photos app and select the Album tab. From here open the Videos folder to find all of your recorded media.

1. Trim your flicks

Tap on the thumbnail you wish to edit and it will take up the whole screen. You’ll now see the familiar play button in the middle, but also the scrubbing bar across the top.

On either end you’ll see black markers with arrows on – you can drag these to trim your video. Tap and hold one and move it towards the middle of the scrubbing bar.

Drag either arrow towards the center

Drag either arrow towards the center

Once you’ve cut off the requisite section tap Trim in the top toolbar. You’ll then be presented with two options; ‘Trim Original’ or ‘Save as New Clip’. The former edits the video (note that anything that’s been deleted can’t be retrieved), whereas the latter makes a copy of the original video, including edits. However, this will take up more room as you’re duplicating the video file, though you can always return and remove it at a later date.

2. Slo-mo edit

If you have an iPhone 5s then you may have recorded some slo-mo videos. These can also be trimmed and you can select which part of the video you wish to be shown in slow-motion.

To do this, open the Photos app, select Albums and then the Slo-Mo folder. Tap on a video so it fills the screen.

The timeline across the top of the screen will now also include a slo -mo control line. The black lines control which part of the video will show in slow motion. Drag on the black lines to increase or decrease the length of the effect then playback the video to check. This isn’t permanent and you can alter it as many times as you want.

You can control where the slo-mo starts and ends

You can control where the slo-mo starts and ends

Trimming is controlled in exactly the same way as a normal video. Just drag the arrows on either end of the scrubbing bar to make your selection and tap Trim.

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