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Fake Call Pro – how to get out of awkward situations

We’re certain some of our readers have faked a call when trying to get out of an awkward conversation or a bad date – creative iPhone owners may have even used the built-in timer to automate a so-called “call.” But it’s not very convincing if somebody sees your display.

Fake Call Pro is a useful app that offers this kind of feature natively, allowing users to schedule authentic-looking calls to help them seamlessly swerve an awkward, boring, or dangerous situation. Here’s how it works.

Fake Call Pro

After downloading and installing the free app, users are presented with a default setting on the app’s main screen. Here, options including Timer, Caller, Ringtone, and Caller Voice are available for users to customize.

Tapping Timer allows users to choose how far in the future their fake call comes through. Options include anything from five seconds to a full hour. Caller lets users customize the caller ID, although if you want anyone to take the call seriously it’s probably best to change the default option from “Trump.”

Ringtone lets you choose a custom ringtone for the incoming fake call, which you can match up to your normal tone. And Caller Voice lets you choose who – or what – you hear on the other end of the line, making the whole thing even more believable.

The overall effect is really convincing: Fake Call Pro replicates the incoming call screen in iOS, delivering highly authentic fake calls perfect for serving an awkward situation. There’s one caveat though: you’ll need to leave your iPhone unlocked after arranging the call for the app to work perfectly.

Although free to download and install, Fake Call Pro allows users to remove in-app ads for a one-time fee of $1/£1. Worth it, we reckon.