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FAQ Friday – Apple repairs without leaving home

Here at TapSmart, we get asked a lot of tech questions each week – and many of the questions crop up time and time again. So every now and again, we’ll take the time out on a Friday to answer a Frequently Asked Question right here in a bid to help a bunch of you at once!

Today’s question: What can I do if my iPhone breaks while all the Apple Stores are closed?

We answered a similar question about repairs last month, but the world has changed a lot since then so we’re taking a look at a different solution today!

Apple’s retail stores are currently closed amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. So if your usual response to a faulty device is to book an appointment with your local Genius Bar, you’ll have to rethink your approach. Luckily, there are other ways.

Apple’s website remains fully open at this time, meaning you can still purchase new devices online. It also means you can initiate repairs from the comfort of your own home.

Head to in your web browser and press Start a repair request. You’ll need to answer a few questions about the device in question and confirm the best type of support for your circumstances.

Most issues can be fixed remotely. If you arrange to send in a device for repair, Apple sends out a suitable package with a pre-paid shipping label. Simply mail this out and Apple will fix it and send it right back to you. Easy, right?

Repair prices vary wildly depending on what the problem is, which device you have, and whether it’s still covered by warranty, Apple Care, or regional consumer law. Apple will confirm any charges before you send anything off, but if you want a ballpark figure you can find the standard pricing for screen repairs and battery repairs online.

The process is obviously a bit longer than a simple one-day fix from a retail store, but at the moment it’s the best option for most of us. Good luck!