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FAQ Friday – how do I keep my Facebook activity private?

Here at TapSmart, we get asked a lot of tech questions each week – and many of the questions crop up time and time again. So each Friday, we’ll be answering a Frequently Asked Question right here in a bid to help a bunch of you in one fell swoop!

Today’s question: how do I make the Activity Log on Facebook private?

Facebook’s Activity Log shows pretty much every interaction you’ve had with the social network. It tracks pictures you’ve liked, groups you’ve followed, comments you’ve made, and so on. It’s the social equivalent of your internet browser’s history!

For the uninitiated, you can find it in the Facebook app by going to your own profile page and tapping Activity Log.

Unlike your browsing history, you can’t simply delete everything from your Activity Log. (Though it will let you undo individual likes). However, rest assured it’s only for you to see anyway! Other users will be able to see the individual things you’re doing on Facebook (likes, comments, etc) but can’t access this handy archive of everything you’ve ever done on the social network.

That said, it is worth checking the Activity Log in a bit more detail. When viewing interactions, there will be a little marker beneath each one to show which groups have permission to view the activity. This is the simplest way to get an indication of who can see what you’re doing, and where.

Following that, it’s a great idea to head to the Settings & Privacy > Privacy Shortcuts section within the main Facebook app. Here you’ll be able to change all kinds of settings to ensure that your activity is only shared with those you’re happy sharing it with.

Of course, remember that no matter what your privacy settings, if you’re commenting on a public post other people will be able to see it – that’s the whole point!