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FAQ Friday – transfer data to a new device

Here at TapSmart, we get asked a lot of tech questions each week – and many of the questions crop up time and time again. So every other Friday, we’ll be answering a Frequently Asked Question right here in a bid to help a bunch of you in one fell swoop!

Today’s question: I’m getting a new iPhone over the holidays – what’s the easiest way to keep all the stuff from my old one?

If you’ve not upgraded your iPhone for a while – or ever! – you’ll be pleased to find that Apple has made the migration process extremely simple. Gone are the days of manually transcribing all your contacts and re-entering every last password.

When you receive your new iPhone, open it up and choose your language. Next, you’ll be prompted to bring your old device closer to transfer data.

Simply hold your old iPhone near your new one, and the two should recognize each other. Follow the on-screen instructions – you’ll need to enter your password, and scan the unique image (similar to a QR code) that appears on the new iPhone, using the camera on the old one. These steps authenticate the migration from one to the other.

All your settings, passwords, accounts, and more will be transferred to the new device. You’ll also be given a choice on whether you wish to automatically download all the same apps to your Home screen. Agree for the most seamless transition, or start from scratch if you want to take this opportunity to spring clean your app library.