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Files app: manage the files on your device | iOS 11 Guide

You may have noticed in iOS 11 that your device has a brand new app: Files. It replaces iCloud Drive and works similarly to the Finder in Mac, giving you easy access to files on your device.

To access files, open the app. Then either choose the Browse tab to locate files stored in iCloud or on your device, or use Recents to see the files you’ve most recently used or created.

You can also “tag” the files to group them by subject, or simply use the colors provided which you could potentially use to highlight their urgency.

After you open a file, tap Select in the top right corner and you can make changes to the file.

You can also use the Search at the top to find files. (Files that have a corresponding app, such as Keynote or Pages will open that app if you tap on the file.)