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Forgotten password? Here’s how to reset your Apple ID / iCloud details

“I’m locked out! How do I reset my password?”

Here at TapSmart HQ, we get asked this question a lot! It’s fairly common for users to forget the password for their Apple ID account, but luckily it’s easy to reset if you know where to look.

Apple IDs are used for all kinds of things, including accessing your iCloud account. So if you’re struggling to log into iTunes, the App Store, or even an iCloud email account, chances are you’ll need to reset your Apple ID login details to regain access.

The simplest way to do this is to open up Safari from any device and go to Apple’s amusingly named web page for those who’ve lost details:

Note: you can access Apple’s iForgot page by pressing the above link, but for anything to do with passwords or personal data we’d always recommend typing the address into Safari yourself to ensure you’re going to the right place. You can trust us, of course, but for security reasons, you shouldn’t get into the habit of trusting every link you see in an article or an email. Always head directly to the source: in this case, Apple’s own website.

You’ll be asked to enter your email address to continue. If you’re not sure which email address you used to register for an Apple ID, scroll to the bottom of the page and press look it up. Otherwise, press continue.

If you have two-factor authentication activated on your account (and you should) you will need one of your registered devices to hand to prove it’s really you.

From here, you’ll be asked a series of security questions to ensure that it’s really you, after which you’ll be able to set a new password and access your Apple services once more.

When you’re ready, you can log back into all your services from the very top of the Settings app.