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Picture perfect – clearing photo storage with Gemini

Keeping on top of the Photos app can be tough – pruning out unwanted images manually might be easy, but it’s also time-consuming. Fortunately, the free Gemini Photos is here to help. Using it, iPhone and iPad owners can clean up the contents of the Photos app in no time at all.

After downloading and installing Gemini Photos from the App Store, make sure you grant the app access to “all photos” in order to fully unlock Gemini’s powers. Then, take a look at the app’s main interface – you’ll see stacks of images that are ready and waiting to be deleted.

Gemini Photos.

First, there’s Similar. Here, Gemini will group together all your similar-looking images in one place. If there are a bunch of photos that were taken within a second or two of one another (and look largely the same), Gemini will identify them and group them together here.

Duplicates, further down, follows the same logic – duplicate images will be grouped together, ready to be cleaned out of the Photos app. You can also browse through Gemini-captured collections of screenshots, notes (which are text-heavy photos), blurred images, and videos.

Delete All.

When it comes to deleting images, the process couldn’t be simpler. Tap one of the collections in Gemini’s main screen and choose Delete All to remove them from your library. You can also tap Deselect All in the top-right of the screen and handpick the ones you’d like to remove, if you’d like to keep some images on your iPhone or iPad.

Photo Radar.

Photo Radar is a neat feature that lets you receive notification reminders as and when photos begin to pile up in Gemini. You can enable this from the app’s main interface if you need a helping hand keeping on top of your library.

While a free download, Gemini Photos does come with a price tag. Although you can use the app free of charge to monitor screenshots, notes, and blurred images, everything else requires you to sign-up for the “full access” subscription. This will set you back $5/£5 per month. However, if all you’re after is a one-time spring clean of your camera roll, the free trial should give you plenty of time.

So, while there are options for hand-pruning your Photos library, why bother? Gemini Photos can save you a lot of time and effort by helping to free-up valuable space on your device.