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Forget dedicated sat-navs. These days, your device’s Maps app is more than capable of giving you turn-by-turn directions to almost any location.

Tap on any location or pin, and then tap the Directions button on the info pane that appears.

By default, you’ll get directions from your current location. If you’d rather plan a trip from a different starting point, simply tap My Location and input a different address.

Maps will default to either Driving or Walking directions based on the distance, but you can switch between these using the transport icons. If you’re in a supported city, you may also see options for Transit, Cycling, and Ride Booking directions.

Once you’ve chosen the type of directions you need, scroll down to see the various routes Maps is suggesting. Tap GO next to your preferred route and Maps will launch its navigation interface. The app will track your location and automatically update the instructions as you progress through the route.

Even more…

The information pane along the bottom will show your estimated arrival time and remaining journey length. Swipe this pane upwards for even more options.

These include shortcuts for finding gas stations or lunch spots en route, plus a way to Share ETA with a friend. Press Details for a full rundown of the directions for the entire journey, or Audio for the guidance voice settings.