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Gift gone wrong? How to chase up lost App Store gifts

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Ever send somebody an App Store gift that they didn’t receive properly? Maybe you bought them an app but the gift code didn’t work, or the email never went through. It’s not immediately clear how to track gifts once they’ve been sent, but it is possible. Here’s how to chase up a rogue digital present.

(Reminder: to send an app in the first place, simply hit the Share button on its App Store page, choose Gift App, and add your recipient’s email address and a friendly message.)

Resending a gift

First, open up the Settings app and press your name at the top of the menu to view your Apple ID. Then tap Media & Purchases followed by View Account. You may be asked to authenticate your identity to proceed.

Once you’re in, press the Gifts button to see a full history of all the gifts you’ve sent from your Apple ID, with the most recent at the top.

You can tap any one of the gifts for more information, such as the price paid and the personal message you sent.If the gift has been successfully redeemed, there will be no way to interact with this information. But if the code has not yet been used, you can press Resend Gift to send the email again. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged again.

You can also change the email address used by tapping the Recipient section, in case you entered the wrong email address first time around and need to amend this before resending.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to send the gift to an email associated with an Apple ID, as the receiver will simply get a code to enter on the App Store’s redeem page. This means you can always try a different email address if the first one really isn’t working.