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Create photo albums: sort and edit albums in Photos | iOS 11 Guide

To create photo albums in the Photos app, tap the “+” button within the Albums page. Name the album and add photos by selecting them with a tap.

Once happy with the selection, tap Done to create an album. It can then be accessed from the Albums page as well.

If you want to delete an album, tap Edit and a minus icon will appear next to the album name, enabling its removal.

Note that only albums created on the iPhone can be deleted, not those synced with a computer.

Add to albums

Want to add more photos to an album later? Just browse through your photos until you find what you’re looking for. Tap the Select option and choose the pictures you want to add to an album.

Tap Add To at the bottom of the screen to reveal all current albums. Then either select one of these or the New Album option at the bottom of the list.