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Lost phone? Using “Find My iPhone” | iOS 11 Guide

When you set up your device to use iCloud, you’re given the chance to enable the Find My iPhone option. Open Settings, then tap your name at the top to view your Apple ID details. Press iCloud, and check the Find My iPhone section to see if it’s enabled.

Then go to on a computer, log in, and select Find My iPhone to reveal its location. You’ll be given several options to help find your phone – these are explained below.


Play a sound

Once the device is located, select it to see the available options. Choose Play Sound and the iPhone will emit an audible alert.

If the device is nearby it’ll be easy to hear and its location can be determined. Once found, the on-screen alert can be dismissed.

Lost mode

If your iPhone can’t be found nearby, enable Lost Mode via This allows you to lock the phone and show a phone number on screen to encourage whoever finds it to call that number.

The website will also show how much battery charge is remaining. The online map shows you where the phone is and allows you to trace the route it’s taking. If the device has been stolen you’ll be able to track it down – with the help of the police of course!


Remotely wipe your data

If the phone contains sensitive data, it can be wiped completely and reset to factory settings.

Select Erase iPhone from the possible options.

You’ll still be able to display a custom message and number to call, but you’ll no longer be able to track the phone’s location.

If you’re lucky enough to be reunited with the phone, you can use a computer or iCloud to restore the data from the last secure backup you made.

Find my iPhone app

The Find My iPhone app on the iPhone can also locate other devices, including iPads, the iPod touch, a Mac, or other iPhones.

To use it on a device, first make sure the Find My… option is enabled within the iCloud configuration under Settings. You’ll need to be signed in with the same Apple account. On a Mac, turn on the Find My… option under System Preferences, iCloud, and sign into the same Apple account.


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