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iCloud Storage: how to manage iCloud storage | iOS 11 Guide

A backup of all your apps and settings can easily be created within iCloud, in case something goes wrong. By default, Apple gives you 5GB of storage space for free.

If you receive a warning saying you’ve not enough storage in iCloud, you can control which apps are backed up.

Open Settings, then tap your name at the top to view your Apple ID details, and press iCloud. Your remaining storage and your current limit will be shown at the top of the screen, but you can drill deeper by tapping Manage Storage.

This screen will show you which apps are using the most space, with the heaviest users at the top of the list. You can remove data by tapping any of these apps and pressing Delete Data.

If you wish to increase your allowance, tap Change Storage Plan and choose from the options. For less than $1/£1 per month you can get 50GB iCloud storage, ten times the amount you get for free – worth the upgrade if you want to keep a lot of things saved to iCloud.

Back on the previous screen, you can use the toggles to disable any app from using iCloud. So if there’s something which uses a lot of data that you’re not precious about keeping, here’s where to switch it off.