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Shared albums: share photos with friends through iCloud | iOS 11 Guide

Enable sharing with friends or family by creating a Shared Photo Stream in the Photos app.

To do this you’ll first have to ensure sharing is enabled. Open Settings, select Photos, then turn on the iCloud Photo Sharing option.

To create the shared album open the Photos app and select the Photos tab. Tap Select and choose the images you want to share.

Now tap the share icon (the square with the upward arrow) and select iCloud Photo Sharing. Name the album then enter the names of the people you want to share with.


Once invitees accept, they’ll be able to see all the images and comment on them as well.


After one stream has been created new albums can be added by tapping New Shared Album from the Shared tab and following the same procedure as above.

Add people to an existing stream

It’s possible to add more people when viewing the Shared Photo Stream. Tap the People option at the bottom of the screen, then tap Invite People. At the next screen enter their email address and once they accept they’ll be able to view the stream.