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Home Screen: welcome to the Home screen | iOS 11 Guide

The Home screen is where you’ll find all of your apps and is the primary way to interact with your iPhone. Any apps installed from the App Store will be added here. This could cover several pages, represented by the small dots at the bottom of your screen. Swipe to the left or right across the screen to switch between these and all your apps.

To open an app, tap on its icon so that it fills the whole screen. To return to the Home screen, simply press the Home button at the bottom of your device once. You can do this no matter what else is happening on screen.

Back to the first screen

If your apps cover multiple pages, continuously swiping back to the first one can quickly get frustrating.

To return to the first page of apps, simply press the Home button once. This is also a great place to put your favorite apps so you can access and return to them easily.

Press the Home button to return to the first screen