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iMessage stickers: how to get the same packs as your friends

Stickers are one of the coolest new features in iMessage, introduced last year with the release of iOS 10. There are countless sticker packs available on the App Store – many of which are free – but rather than trawl through the lot of them, there’s an easy way to find out which packs your friends are using and install them on your device.

The first time you receive a sticker from a new pack, there will be a small text label beneath it telling you the name of the pack. You can tap this to be taken to its App Store page.

After the first time, though, this label disappears – you’ll need to press and hold on a sticker to find out where it came from. This will show some responses you can add to the sticker, while a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen will say which pack it’s from. Tap this to be taken to the iMessage App Store.

Then you’ll just need to press Get or Buy to install the pack as you would any other app. It won’t appear on your Home Screen, but you’ll see it in the App Drawer in iMessage along with all your other stickers.