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Infuse streaming – play your Mac videos on your iOS device

Infuse 6 is the latest version of one of the most powerful and intuitive video file management tools on the App Store.

There are multiple ways to use Infuse 6 to stream and transfer videos from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, whatever the file type. It can hook into your Documents folder, connect to a Plex account, sync up with any iTunes videos you might have, or pull in any video content stored on your Dropbox account.

In short, if you have video files on your computer, Infuse is the easiest way to watch them back on a mobile device.

We’ve chosen to guide you through one of the most no-nonsense Infuse 6 sharing methods, which is done via a web browser. Follow our tips and you’ll be syncing and watching your home videos, silly snippets and downloaded movies in no time.

First, download the Infuse 6 app onto your iPhone or iPad. It’s free to use in its basic form, or you can subscribe ($1 per month, $9 per year, $50 forever) to Infuse Pro for advanced features like Dropbox compatibility, more video formats, Dolby TrueHD audio support, AirPlay functionality and others.

Infuse 6

Ensure that your PC and your iPhone or iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, open the app on your iOS device, hit Add Files, and select the topmost via Browser option.

In the following screen, enter the web address listed under point 2 on your computer (it’ll be something like http://name-iPhone.local).

Enter the username and password listed and you’ll head into the above Infuse file select screen.

Hit the + icon in the Infuse browser on your computer and select the video files you wish to stream to your iOS device.

Once you’ve shared the relevant files, hit the X button in the top right corner on your iOS device to quit out of the connection screen, and you’ll be presented with the Infuse 6 Files screen. Your shared videos should all be there, ready to play.

Note that if you’re sharing any home videos that you’ve labeled yourself, you might find that they’ve been attributed metadata (thumbnail images, descriptions etc.) from a similarly-named movie. If this is your main use for Infuse 6, we’d recommend turning off Metadata Fetching in Settings > General section of the app.