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Level up your photography and social media skills with Instagram Academy

Grab a huge discount on this all-new photography course

We’ve been talking about the iPhone Photography School for years now: it’s by far the best way to level up your camera skills without shelling out for an expensive DSLR camera. That little lens in your pocket is more than capable of some truly fantastic shots. All you need is a little creativity and the theory to back it up.

The team at iPhone Photography School has just released their latest course: Instagram Academy. Run by photographer, stylist, and content creator Hannah Birtwistle, this online course teaches how to take your social media game up a notch with amazing photography and videos.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer wanting more people to see your shots, or a small business owner looking bring in more customers, it’s hard to ignore the reach of Instagram these days. It’s an incredible way to get yourself out there, but the quirks of the app and its notorious algorithm can make it difficult for new accounts to break out.

Done right, it’s free marketing. Done wrong, it’s hours of wasted effort.

Instagram Academy focuses on how to create captivating, engaging content and increase your follower count. Part of that comes through the kind of high-quality photography these guys have been showcasing for years. But an equal part of the equation is in how you present that content: how you optimize the descriptions, posting schedule, reels, stories, and so on. Hannah’s done it all and reveals her tips and tricks as part of this extended video course. Topics cover photo editing, composition, lighting, and visuals as well as how to grow a community, tell a great story, and build a brand.

The course just launched, and is offering 86% off until April 29. If you’re reading this at a later date, rest assured you’ll still get the best prices currently available by using our link. iPhone Photo School frequently offers discounts, so chances are you’ll still get a good deal.

Instagram Academy

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