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If you’re sending an iMessage, you can spice things up by animating your text. Users can animate the message bubble itself, as well as sending full screen animations.

To animate the message bubble of a message, first type out a message, then hold rather than tap your finger on the blue send arrow.

This will bring up the options for animating the message bubble or full screen. Tap ‘Bubble’ and then tap on one of the options. Then tap the blue send arrow to send the message.

To send a full screen animation, simply tap the ‘Screen’ tab and swipe right to choose one of the options.

Tap the blue arrow to send, and when the recipient opens the message, the animation will play on their screen.

Bonus! Some full screen effects can be sent automatically. Typing the phrases: ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations,’ or simply ‘Congrats,’ will trigger a full screen effect on both yours and the recipient’s screen.