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iOS 11: hands-on with the new “Files” app

So, iOS 11 is coming soon – some of you may have already gotten your hands on the beta version. If not, though, let’s review one of the big changes coming with the official iOS 11 launch in September.

After years of hiding away the file system from users, Apple has decided to provide a folder-like user interface for managing your data, similar to the system used on a Mac computer.

The Files app will replace iCloud Drive in iOS 11, and let users navigate through photos, videos, documents, presentations, PDFs and so on. It will show content from iCloud and also from the iPhone or iPad the app is on.

Browse through documents by filetype or user-defined tags

This will make it much easier to handle work documents or email attachments, for example, and provides a dedicated space to keep track of everything stored on the device or online. It looks to be designed to make the iPad Pro even more of a competent replacement for a conventional computer, but it will also work on other iOS devices.

9to5Mac has published a in-depth guide to the new Files app – if you can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about, it’s worth a read.