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iOS 15 public beta – update makes big Safari tweaks

We reported a month ago on Apple’s opening up of its beta software program for iOS 15 and iPad 15. It meant anyone willing to join as a beta tester could try out the new features a few months early.

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We’re now up to the fourth revision of that beta software, meaning many bugs have been fixed and UIs adjusted. (Although you should still be careful trying it on your primary device, and always back up first.)

If you’re part of the beta release program, you may be aware of the controversy around Apple’s redesign of Safari – the one that moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen and rethinks how the menus and tabs work. Everything is more compact and forces users to throw years of muscle memory out the window. In short, lots of people don’t like it.

This latest update reverses some of those changes to Safari, and reports indicate that by final release, Apple may give users the option between the new interface and the old one. A very un-Apple decision, but one that will keep plenty of people happy.

Curious to try the beta? Follow our instructions right here – it’s free and easy to set up, but will take a bit of time and patience. Enjoy!

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