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iOS 9: Start using Today Widgets on your iPad

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The Today View provides quick access to relevant daily information. To access it simply swipe down from the top of the screen. If you’re in landscape mode you’ll see the Today view on the left and Notification Center on the right. If you’re iPad is turned to the portrait orientation you’ll only see one of these views at a time, with a toggle at the top to switch between them.

The default Today View shows the day’s date, and upcoming calendar events – but this is all customizable. Now you can include information from third-party apps, even if the apps aren’t running. These are called Today Widgets. Tap Edit at the bottom of the Today View to get started.

The top of the screen shows which Today Widgets are currently active. You can press and drag to reorder the sequence they appear it, and tap the red ‘‘ icon to remove them.

Lower down you can see any apps you already have installed which are compatible with the Today View. Tap the green ‘+‘ icon to add any of these apps as widgets. It’s a great way to get quick at-a-glance access to features and information from your favorite apps.


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