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Blocking: Stop Unwanted Calls And Messages | iPadOS 17 Guide

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Receiving unnecessary calls or text messages? Well, it’s possible to block them.

Open the FaceTime app, find the number you want to block on the left hand list, and tap the ‘i‘ button next to the entry. From here tap Block this Caller at the bottom. If the option doesn’t appear right away, try pressing Edit followed by Cancel.

This will also stop them from messaging you. You can also block numbers from the Messages app. Just open the message then tap on the contact icon at the top, followed by the i button. Tap the right arrow by the call buttons at the top, then Block this Caller.

If you change your mind or want to see the list of blocked callers, open the Settings app and select the FaceTime or Messages options. From either section, tap Blocked Contacts to see the full list. Now tap Edit in the top right followed by the minus icon, then Unblock. They’ll now be able to make contact once more.