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Live Photos: Apple’s Magical Moving Images | iPadOS 17 Guide

Live Photos are a special type of image that can be taken on modern devices. They record a three-second video accompaniment to your normal photographs, showcasing the moments before and after the still image was snapped. This is great for capturing unexpected moments or adding subtle movement to a landscape shot.

Live Photos are taken automatically when you snap regular pictures, as long as the feature is activated. You can toggle it on or off by tapping the concentric circles icon top and center of the Camera app. When you come to scroll though your pictures later, you’ll notice a split-second of movement as each Live Photo appears. Long-press on the image to watch your Live Photo come to life.

Although Live Photos are taken automatically, it does take a little forethought to snap a good one. It’s important to keep the camera relatively still and to remember to hold it in position for a moment before and after hitting the shutter button. Moving the camera too soon can result in a nausea-inducing end to your otherwise great photos.