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Memoji Stickers: Your Face As A Custom Sticker Pack | iPadOS 17 Guide

Creating your own Memoji faces in the Messages app is fun, but using them as stickers instead of the default emoji selection is even better.

Just head into a Messages thread or start a new one and tap on the App Store icon next to the iMessage field. Hit the icon with the Memoji face surrounded by hearts, and either tap the sticker you want to add it to a new message bubble or drag it onto an existing one.

You can use Memoji Stickers from other chat apps, too. Navigate to the emoji keyboard, and swipe to the left. You should see a familiar selection of preset stickers based on your own Memoji.

Tap any of these to send them – but bear in mind that outside of the Messages app, these stickers send as regular image files, not fancy stickers that can be moved around the screen.

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