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Shooting Video: Tips For Capturing Footage | iPadOS 17 Guide

It’s easy to record video with an iPad – just open the Camera, select Video mode and hit the red shutter button. But two pieces of knowledge will help you capture much better recordings.

Video zoom

It’s also possible to zoom in while filming. Before or during recording, pinch outwards on the screen to zoom in. Zoom out again by pinching your fingers together on the screen. Note that extreme close-ups will cause the video to look grainy when played back later.

See the full picture

The iPad captures widescreen video footage – but the screen itself isn’t widescreen. This means you can’t actually see everything you’re shooting. To adjust the view so you can see everything at once, double tap the screen before you start recording. This will add black bars at the top and bottom of the display so you can see the entirety of your composition.

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