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Shutter Buttons: Alternative Ways To Snap A Photo | iPadOS 17 Guide

When using the Camera app, having to tap the shutter icon on the screen can often cause camera shake or a lack of focus.

Instead, press either of the volume buttons on the side of the device to capture the shot. This lets you hold the tablet horizontally like a conventional camera, giving much more stability to take a better picture.


You can also capture a photo by pressing either of the volume buttons on the inline remote on a pair of Apple headphones. This allows you to keep the iPad steady as you don’t need to touch it. This can be particularly useful when using a tripod or leaning your¬†device against a surface. It works wonders for initiating Time-Lapse mode.

If you have a Bluetooth headset connected, you can also press the Volume Up or Down buttons on it to take the photo remotely. Now you can get the perfect group shot.

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