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Site-Specific Settings: Customize Websites To Your Liking | iPadOS 17 Guide

Safari allows users to enhance their browsing experience by configuring settings for individual websites.

Head to a website in Safari and then tap the aA icon located to the left of the navigation bar.

The bottom option, Website Settings, allows users to tweak certain presets on a site-by-site basis.

Everything you adjust here will only apply to the website you are currently browsing. Request Desktop Website allows you to choose whether Safari automatically loads the desktop version of the website or a stripped-down version designed for mobile devices.

Use Reader Automatically allows users to set a website to always load in Safari’s Reader View. This might be useful for websites with long-form written content, or a jarring layout you’d rather avoid.

Further settings involve permissions for the camera, microphone, and location of your device — you can choose whether you’d like Safari to always ask, or if you’d prefer to grant or block permission outright.