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Undo And Redo: Handy Gestures For Clearing Mistakes | iPadOS 17 Guide

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Made a mistake while typing in an app? No problem.

To quickly undo your last typing command, either double-tap with three fingers, or swipe left with three fingers.

If you change your mind and want to redo that removed typing command, swipe right with three fingers.

Alternatively, you can double tap with three fingers to bring up a shortcut bar containing the undo and redo commands.

Shake to undo

If you want to get a bit more physical, you can even shake the tablet to undo your typing.

Your tablet will pop up a query to double check you meant to do this. From there, you can simply choose to cancel or confirm from the options.

Shake a second time to redo the action.

If you find yourself activating this feature by accident, you can deactivate it from the Settings app by selecting AccessibilityTouch, Shake to Undo and turning off the toggle.