Learn to take incredible photos with your iPhone (or iPad)

We’re big fans of the iPhone Photo School. They provide all kinds of great photography tips completely free on their website, and their paid course is second to none. If you’ve wanted to improve your photography skills for a while but have been reticent about opening your wallet, good news: the iPhone Photo School is offering huge online discounts as part of this week’s Black Friday sales.

To qualify for a whopping 90% off, simply follow the link below. The offer is live until Monday night.

iPhone Photo School

The course starts off with the iOS camera essentials, before moving through important principles of composition and lighting, and finally showcasing more advanced technical photography skills. It’ll show you the best combination of apps to make complex editing work quick and easy. There’s a lot to work through here and the results showcased on the site are stunning.

This photo was taken and edited on an iPhone

Academy founder Emil Pakarklis explains: “one of the common iPhone photography misconceptions is that the iPhone can’t be used for serious photography. While DSLR cameras are technically superior, the quality of a photo mostly depends on the photographer’s intent and creative vision.”

This shot utilizes Portrait Mode to great effect

If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s also worth checking out the IPS Instagram page – it’s hard to believe they were all taken and edited on an iPhone. For more information on the paid course (or to read the free guides) follow the link below to the IPS website and check out the hefty discounts therein.

iPhone Photo School