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Latest issue of Swipe: learn to play the piano

We’ve just released a new issue of Swipe – the iPhone Magazine! In this issue we look at the various ways your iPhone can help you to learn a new skill: playing the piano. We can also help you decide which of the many excellent note taking apps on iOS is right for you, and discuss whether Apple does enough to help developers. We’ve also got our usual selection of news, reviews and how-tos to sink your teeth into!


Inside this issue…

  • Learn how to play the piano on the iPhone
  • The very best note-taking apps
  • Baum, Airmail, Day One 2.0, Twofold Inc and Rainmaker all reviewed!
  • Should Apple do more to help developers?
  • How to recover deleted files without restoring your iPhone
  • How to organize your iPhone and rearrange your Home screen

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.49!

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