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Brushstroke is a free app that can help you create beautiful paintings even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. Using the app, iPhone and iPad owners can transform pictures shot on their phone or tablet into masterpieces – and better still, the whole process couldn’t be simpler.


To get started, download the $4/£4 Brushstoke on your device, grant it access to your photos, and decide whether you’d like to transform an existing image or a new snap into a digital painting. You can browse through your Photos library to find an older shot, or if your inspiration is right in front of you, tap the camera icon and shoot a quick picture.


Brushstroke will then auto-generate a painting based on the image you chose. However, this is by no means the finished article. First, you can swipe on the painting to change the style to adjust the intensity of your painting between +0 to +100. You’ll also notice that along the bottom of the screen, a series of presets are available. These circular tiles let you quickly switch between a range of paint designs and styles.


Tapping the palette icon (which sits alongside the paintbrush) lets you alter effects like shades and tones, again using the tile-based interface. And the nearby canvas icon lets you further refine your painting by choosing a particular canvas style – options include paper, textured, and vintage.

Fine-grained edits.

While the presets let you quickly change the appearance of your image, it’s also possible to make more fine-grained edits to brightness, contrast, saturation, and more by tapping the sliders icon. And most importantly, when all your edits are complete, tap the a icon to sign your masterpiece!

Sign your work!

It’s possible to either save your creations to the Photos app, share them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, or iMessage, or order a canvas copy of your painting from CanvasPop. When it comes to ordering a canvas of your own, you can easily tweak the product type (framed prints and posters are also available), the frame, and the size.

Canvas order.

In no time at all, Brushstroke could help you create and edit a beautiful painting, and have it hanging pride of place on your living room wall. Magnifique! 

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Hi! Thanks for reading. This post looks better in our award-winning app, Tips & Tricks for iPhone.