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Moises Guide – remove tracks from your favorite songs

If you’re a budding musician, there’s nothing better than playing or singing along with your favorite artist or band. Moises is a smart app that lets users remove parts of any music track, like vocals, guitar, bass, or drums, allowing wannabe performers a more authentic jamming experience.


After installing the free app on your device, you can import a track one of three ways – either using a web link, the Files app, or by selecting a track you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store. Moises doesn’t allow users to jam along with tracks they’ve streamed from Apple Music (or Spotify) – you need to have access to a permanent digital copy of the song in order to edit it.

Choose the partition.

Moises then asks how you’d like the track partitioned – options include a two-track partition designed for vocalists (like “vocals and instrumental”), or more complex partitions which allow you to remove specific instruments from the set (like “vocals, drums, bass, and other”). The most complex partitions require you to be a paying customer – more on that later.

After deciding how you’d like your track to be partitioned, Moises needs to “process” the track. This is machine learning magic that normally wouldn’t be possible without a talented audio engineer on hand – it’s amazing that an iPhone can do it in seconds at the touch of a button. After processing, the track is available for you to jam along with and the fun can really begin.

Remove tracks.

Moises offers a bunch of features at once. First, it lets you mute tracks – like the vocals, drums, or bass. Honestly, the effect isn’t totally perfect, and you’ll be able to tell that some kind of computation has happened – particularly when removing the vocal line. Perfectly extracting a track without compromising the rest of the audio is a very tricky task. But when you consider that Moises can do a pretty good job with any track you throw at it, it’s impressive stuff.

Change the tempo.

It’s also possible to tweak the track further. A metronome icon in the bottom-left lets you adjust the volume and speed of the piece. Then in the bottom-right, a musical note icon lets you adjust the pitch (or key) of the track at semi-tone intervals. This is especially useful for singers, who might find a favorite piece of music is slightly outside of their vocal range. And budding guitarists may find the speed adjustments useful for practicing a solo before ramping back up to full speed.

Tweak the pitch.

While most of what Moises can do is available free of charge, users can access enhanced partitions, unlimited uploads, and edits for a $4/£4 monthly fee. Without this, your speed and pitch changes are limited to just a couple of semi-tones or a few extra beats-per-minute.

Take Moises for a spin, and unleash your inner musician!