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Transform the way you see the world by learning to take incredible black-and-white photos.

Of course, turning an existing picture monochrome is as simple as hitting Edit in the Photos app and then choosing from the MonoSilvertone, and Noir filters. But if you’re serious about really making those tones pop, you’ll want to go even further. 

Certain shadowy scenes just look great in grayscale

Apple has published a guide to making the most of the intricate light and shadow in your photography by snapping amazing monochrome pictures. It recommends two editing apps for the job: VSCO and Darkroom, both of which we’re big fans of here.

Both apps make it easy to adjust the levels of the highlights and shadows in your pictures, either manually or using an impressive range of preset filters. With the right composition, the results can be stunning.

Press here to read Apple’s full tutorial, along with some inspiring examples to get you in the mood for grayscale.

If you’re really interested in getting the most from your photography, make sure to check out the course available from our pals at the iPhone Photography Academy.